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    I think that time is running out for RIM to build something that will change the mind of million of buyers around the world that are buying iphones, android phones, and nokia phones.

    I have read that blackberry 10 is going to be very similar to the OS from the playbook, nothing that can change the mind of people when choosing a new phone.

    I think that the best and only solution to RIM to recover lost sales is creating two teams, one to develop an Android version and the other team keep building Blackberry 10.

    The Android team will have to decide what phone company will build the blackberry android phone, I think that the best company to build this phone is samsung instead of htc.

    If you have two teams developing two different phones you don't have nothing to loose and people will decide what is better for them, you can make BBM and push mail compatible with all blackberry phones.

    Business will choose Blackberry 10 because they don't need apps, and evey day users will choose the Android version because they can play a lot of games, have a better facebook app, download thousand of apps, push mail, and also have the amazing bbm chat that everyone loves, normal users don't care about security and for them Android is great.

    There is no other option for RIM, if they don't make a change like this sooner or later they will end like palm or they will end like nokia choosing another OS instead of their own OS.
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    i don't think so...

    i move from my nexus s to 9900, so seriously it is individual preference

    what i don't like android is...
    -no physical keyboard
    -battery hungry than 9900
    -apps are kind of crappy
    -very bad receptions (now i am using 9900, i have reception in places that my nexus s doesn't have usually)
    -and before the ICS come out the ginger bread has so much bug in them that you need to root the device to some roms
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    all those switching from another platform to blackberry post here, that thread is a sticky in the general section. Same for the opposite.

    I am sticking with my 9900 and I don't see any time running out for RIM. They're doing fine. RIM doesn't need to use android, nor will they ever need to. End of discussion. RIM won't end up like palm or nokia either.

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    i think you are assuming that your opinion = everyone's opinion. Unless you have been in the future and already knows that BB10 is going to fail, please do let us know.

    everyone has their own preference, not everyone wants an android or ios device. besides, in case you're wondering, RIM is still making significant profits and increasing user base. so, no. its not going to be the end.
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