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    I am coming from a line of Blackberries, the latest being a 9700. Last week I moved up to a 9900, so OS 7.1.

    My question (worry) is all of the apps wanting to "tie" to BBM. I really don't understand it. And, I don't want to randomly give out my PIN to the world.

    I am not a big Facebook user, but this and all the other apps being "connected" to BBM worries me and I have denied them. I get nags all the time from many apps when I launch them.

    1. Is allowing the BBM connection going to open up access (through apps) to my contacts, phone number, and other personal information?

    2. Is there a difference in the amount of personal information a RIM-created app will allow as opposed to a 3rd party app.

    One of my main reason for staying with the BKB is security as opposed to the Playphone or R2D2 droids.

    Thanks to all.

    11-30-12 07:23 AM
  2. Deanig_12's Avatar
    hi seth the bbm conected app are just to show your friends on bbm what aapp you have so they might try and download them thats all it dosent give out your pin atall
    11-30-12 07:50 AM
  3. RedxD's Avatar
    BBM connected apps don't share your personal information, from what I've seen the most they do is update your personal message(and they ask you first so you can say no), they don't access to you contacs, phone number, etc.

    I don't think a RIM-created app will be allowed into your personal data more than any other app, but I don't know, I'd like to believe that they don't
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    11-30-12 07:55 AM
  4. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    What deani said. Its for sharing tweets/status-updates/recently downloaded apps in your bbm status. Just deny them if you want to. In the Facebook app there IS an option for sharing your pin (not tied to bbm though)
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    11-30-12 08:00 AM

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