1. otacon#AC's Avatar
    Make sure you have your original battery and cloning tray handy. After upgrading to 7.1 it accepted the cloned battery. After updating my BBM and it rebooted I got the red X'd battery icon. Recloned the battery and all is well now. Even after soft resets and battery pulls I never had to reclone mine until now

    ...and before people ask. I got this battery off of Ebay and it's worked great for me.

    New 1500mAh Battery For BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 9930 Torch 9850 9860 JM1 | eBay
    01-17-12 12:23 AM
  2. doby-nut's Avatar
    Kind of dissappointing in OS .374 could do a soft reboot with out battery error and recoding battery. Same reaction as you from 7.1, every reboot requires recoding battery from original. That okay till your out and about and have a frozen screen requiring a reboot. Interesting that some type of OS change caused that.
    01-29-12 10:08 AM