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    I have been experiencing charging issues since day one with this phone. Having used .296, .353 and then .474 (currently upgrading to .503), the phone would often disply the black plug icon and the notification that it was unable to charge until after a battery pull.

    I went into a Vodafone store today and was told they would need to send it off for repair and could take two weeks. After I asked for some other kind of help they suggested I call customer services and ask if they could send me a new battery to see if this helped.

    That I did and the kind man is posting me a new battery tomorrow free of charge. When I asked if they would be collecting the old battery, he said no, you can keep that.

    So, anyone on Voda UK that wants to try a new battery if they're having the same charging issue, or simply wants another battery, give them a call and see what they'll do.
    11-15-11 10:09 AM