1. Angelo_Campher's Avatar
    For those who are struggling with getting the timing right in order to reload the OS...

    Step 1. Download and install the latest version of BB Hybrid Tools.

    Step 2. Ensure that the OS of your choice is installed and make sure that no other OS installation folders exist under Program files\Common file\Research In Motion\Shared.

    Step 3. Remove the battery (if not already removed) and re-insert it. Wait till the 507 message appears and connect the USB cable. Wait for the Windows notification sounds and open BB Hybrid Tools.

    Step 4. Navigate to Shrink an OS and ensure the OS of your choice and phone model is selected at the top.

    Step 5. Click on launch loader under the shrink an OS tab. This will open the app loader application but your device and PIN will have been recognised already and you can click next and proceed to installing the OS.

    This removes the frustration of getting the timing right while having the battery removed and then replacing it. The above procedure worked for me and hope it helps my fellow forumers.

    Give it a try and report back.

    12-15-11 02:39 PM
  2. mssca's Avatar
    I think this whole issue is a hardware problem and that's why in some areas there is a large number of return compared to others. I have not seen many returns of Bold 9900s where I work.
    12-15-11 03:09 PM
  3. zirkwander's Avatar
    I think this will work only for "nuked" devices. As previously stated, if it can be brought back to life, it's not "bricked".
    12-15-11 04:31 PM
  4. FBA's Avatar
    I don't know about others here, but I had a bricked 9900 and still have a bricked 9800, neither of which exhibits or has ever exhibited a 507 error, ever. They both just go 'round and 'round cycling through the RED LED. Those are bricked.

    507 errors do not mean bricked phones - and can almost always be brought back from the dead.
    12-15-11 05:17 PM
  5. UnInvited's Avatar
    not work for my 9930
    12-15-11 05:26 PM
  6. gordonzhao's Avatar
    I think you're mistaken OP. Under your conditions, if the user is able to get a 507 message then they just need to use loader.exe /nojvm. And not even have to go through your process. And I've shrunken an OS once or twice, I prefer not to so this is up to the user. But again if the user is able to get the 507 message none of the steps in your process is necessary, in my experience that is.
    12-15-11 07:41 PM