1. palomartian's Avatar
    Or your hair. For me it's when:

    the screen or trackpad stops responding

    the screen darkens and the keyboard goes dead immediately after placing a call and only holding it to my face and moving it away again will light it up and activate the keyboard.

    the phone is in speaker mode and thinks it's in handset mode so I have to hit "speaker" then "handset" to get it into handset mode.

    More when I remember.
    12-12-11 09:37 PM
  2. SC457's Avatar
    So far on this device I only did it when I installed the new OS to get it to settle and when I see the memory has lost about 30MB to refresh. 9900 doesn't seem to have much of a regular memory leak like other devices. Seems to stay the same for a while at least.
    12-12-11 10:13 PM
  3. palomartian's Avatar
    lol you do batterypull for these? it's not needed..
    the proximity sensor will cause the screen and keyboard to shut off and can be activated again, by clicking on the keyboard.
    '' the phone is in speaker mode and it thinks it's in headset mode, so you need to switch between the two modes? ''
    speaker mode and handset mode easily switch between the two modes by yourself.
    the phone won't think about that, otherwise there is an issue. lol

    i never pull my battery for these haha, or i must be seeing it all wrong since it's late and i'm sleepy.
    then excuse me.
    you lol are lol excused haha. Reread it again tomorrow.

    I also reset it when the ringtone gets garbled.
    12-12-11 10:48 PM
  4. jamesbondOO7's Avatar
    Good hygiene. Although I rather use the Restart Me app. At least once a week. Just good hygiene.
    12-13-11 01:31 AM
  5. JR A's Avatar
    When I first read the title to this thread I thought it was going to be a set up to a joke
    12-13-11 01:43 AM