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    ;can u set SCM and Vlingo on the RT convenience key? I can't see how because when the key is set to SCM thru options and you try to set Vlingo(DO Nothing) as the 2xRC, I cannot get Vlingo to work. There is no "DO Nothing" option for Vlingo to be set as click, click. There is a Vlingo option, but if you try to set that as the next 2xRC, the Vlingo home page will only open, not allowing you to actually use Vlingo. Vlingo must be set 1st as "DO Nothing", in options, to work. It appears that SCM must be set to the RT convenience key in order to work, thereby rendering SCM and Vlingo on the RT Convenience key together useless.

    I've since set multiple shortcuts and have created a list, but Vlingo can't be set under SCM. Also, if you were going to tell me to set the space key for SCM, I cant find out how to do it in 1 click. The program only allows 2xspace, etc. I now have SCM set in Multi-click as the 2Xspace as SCM Launch and that brings up everything and I started a string on the RT Convenience key beginning with Vlingo in options and then the others behind it.

    Maybe that's the only way to do it. But I'd really like to have my right convenience key set in the following order:

    Under options Rt Conv Key 1st click.....open SCM
    2nd- click, click....open Vlingo
    3rd- click, click, click...bedside mode
    4th- click, click, click, click ....voice notes recorder

    If there's a work around or any other way to do this, I'd love to hear it.

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    11-06-11 11:01 AM
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    Quicklaunch will do exactly what you describe, and also if homescreen is set to application shortcuts then the spacebar becomes the shortcut for Quicklaunch, and you can set another 3 apps to launch with double, triple, and quadruple clicks.
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    11-06-11 01:21 PM