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    .... Format the Bold and re-install the OS? Or does just reloading the OS wipe everything anyway?

    Seem to have an app or combination of apps that makes the phone laggy now and again.


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    12-22-11 06:20 PM
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    usually wiping does job well..
    but make sure that you uninstall those menace app..
    If you have some problem/ new features added in OS then update is considered..
    I generally wipe my BB,
    OS installation and then restoring every things takes lot of time.
    There are quite stable OS like (.590 latest release), you may try installing that if you are using lower version than that.
    See the first sticky in this 9900/9930 sub forum.
    things takes lot of time.
    12-22-11 06:24 PM
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    When you install an OS using AppLoader, it automatically wipes the phone during the process.

    If you want to wip it manually prior to install, download bbsak. Once installed, there is a button to wipe the device in that program.

    Also you can do a security wipe from the device itself in the options menu. This will wipe the phone of any and all data/apps and back to factory default (with the OS you have currently on it).

    Make sure you backup your phone whichever method you choose.
    12-22-11 09:25 PM
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    Type in the search function wipe it should pop up security wipe you then can select three optioms wipe everything but leave apps or wipe apps included and also can select to wipe or leave the installed applications you have installed also can wipe your sd card but make sure to back up if you want contacts saved or other things if not just wipe it and it will be like a brand new phone from out of the box.

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    12-23-11 07:14 AM