1. Shiloh25's Avatar
    Hi There. I was wondering when there will finally be a fixed forum for 9900 Themes, Ringtones etc as there is for the 9780 currently.

    I keep checking back and see nothing. I like using themes to make my BB unique and change it occassionaly.

    Wondered if anyone knew of any? I have looked in the 9780 forums for OS7 themes that would work for the 9900 and haven't been so lucky. Am i looking in the wrong places?
    09-23-11 11:49 AM
  2. barrist's Avatar
    there are no themes yet for OS7 devices.
    09-23-11 11:52 AM
  3. Shiloh25's Avatar
    That is poopy ca ca....LOL....sigh
    09-23-11 11:56 AM
  4. tard44's Avatar
    ...I usually do a google search for wav sites (movie wavs, sound effect wavs etc), download them to my laptop's 'blackberry' folder and then, having USB'd my phone, I just move them into the phone's 'ringtones' folder and assign them from there. There's loads of cool - and free! - wavs out there, and it's fun spending a while just trawling thru them. You can also of course do the same thing for any of yr fave songs, editing / shortening them first (if you need to) thru SoundForge or some similar editing software.
    As for themes, the developers I've emailed have all said they'll start working on updates or new themes as soon as the Theme Builder (or whatever it's called) is released for the 9900.
    09-23-11 12:01 PM