1. pnconnally's Avatar
    After, I've experienced an issue where I'll receive text message, but, after a restart or battery pull, the incoming messages from that contact don't appear. Also, when I create a message to a contact, the messages aren't threading as they should be. I've seen this issue twice (once on my previous Bold 9930 after updating to manually) and again after VZW sent me a refurbished 9930 (already update to Anyone have any research/troubleshooting tips? Anyone else seen this?

    NOTE: I do a restore from my last backup then activate my BES services, then add/delete any apps as required.
    02-06-12 08:36 AM
  2. Revampd's Avatar
    i was just trying to figure out where to post a question when i ran across this new thread. i have a feeling a lot of us Verizon 9930 users are experiencing SMS "anomalies" (lol).

    I updated to OTA the other day and it seems as though I now have two SMS inboxes (message threads). One of them is the original (with contact's thumbnail pic showing) and the other the same message thread with two contact boxes at the top, which I'm assuming lets me text two people at once (?). Either one will pop up, depending on how I access my SMS inbox.

    The problem is that they interact poorly, causing duplicate messages (as a draft) to appear in the old one whenever you access the new one. I'm sorry if this seems confusing but if you've experienced this you'll know what I mean.

    Has any one else seen this behavior after upgrading?
    02-06-12 12:40 PM
  3. pnconnally's Avatar
    Thanks Revamped for responding. What has Verizon's response to you been? This is my 4th Bold replacement in a month. I've heard, from various persons, that the Torch doesn't seem to have these issues, so I may switch. I'm currently switching devices now (via Desktop Manager). If I see the same issue, I'm calling VZW and forcing them to open up a case with RIM.
    02-06-12 01:06 PM
  4. Revampd's Avatar
    Well, I just updated last night so I thought I'd look around for an answer here. My Bold has been rock solid since I got it last August. The problem I'm having is obviously software so nothing Verizon could do I would think.

    Sooner or later enough people will be running this version and someone will have an answer. I see a minor update in our future.
    02-06-12 06:10 PM