1. initialscooby's Avatar
    Is this possible? Can I do it without having to pay Tmobiles ridiculous fee?

    All I want is to tether for a short while while I check some app updates and bank accounts on my ipod touch

    Any help is appreciated

    03-04-12 10:26 AM
  2. jghone's Avatar
    Depends on which OS you are running. If its 7.0 you cannot tether even if you pay. If you have 7.1 you can tether for a fee.

    FYI, if you had a playbook you would be able to tether for free on any OS.
    03-04-12 10:38 AM
  3. initialscooby's Avatar
    I am running 7.0.0. How do I upgrade to 7.1?

    But I have to pay for The playbook to have service .. So its the same thing .. No?
    03-04-12 02:01 PM
  4. jghone's Avatar
    To get 7.1 apply for the T-Mobile Beta program the Blackberry Betazone or download one of the leaked OS 7.1 versions from Crackberry.com.

    No you do not have to have tethering to get internet access from you blackberry phone to your blackberry playbook. You just need the supplied Bridge App, then the playbook just uses your phones internet access without paying for the hotspot service on T-mobile.

    That the beauty of the Playbook and a blackberry phone combo!
    03-05-12 09:15 PM