1. Sirhill's Avatar
    Hello all, I have been trying to see if this is a bug or something that is suppose to happen. I have the tething option on my account so I use it to watch movies on my playbook when there is no wifi around (much better than just using the bridge browser). Anyway I have noticed that when I'm using the modem enabled mode I do not have full data support on my device. I can not receive any emails or bbm's. The data has to be there cause the movies I stream work with out a hitch, no stopping to buffer yet I can't send or receive any data.

    So I was wondering if anyone else that use this feature have this same issue. I am on At&t so this could be the reason for it. Anyone with a clue as to why this happens I'm all ears.
    12-13-11 05:52 PM
  2. mssca's Avatar
    This can be either one of them. Your carrier can limit how you use tethering with service books and/or with a combination of service books and other things. This can be caused by a bug too... But do you use the AT&T approved OS or a leaked one?

    If you have the official approved version, you should be able to get help from your service provider because this is not normal at all.

    Also, please update your profile to reflect the current device(s) you own so some of us won't be confused. Do you have a 9900 OR a 9800 and which version of OS?
    12-13-11 06:58 PM
  3. Sirhill's Avatar
    Will update, but yes I am using a 9900 but not on offical at&t software, but this is also the reason updated it to .585.
    12-13-11 07:45 PM