1. ssouter's Avatar
    Hi, just had success get our new BB Bold 9900 to play nice on Telus with my MBA.

    I prefer USB connection as you charge you phone from your computer at the same time instead of Bluetooth killing it! It is usually faster too.

    I think you need to have BB Desktop installed on your Mac to ensure that the latest modem drivers are installed on your Mac.

    Note that I'm on OSX Lion.

    Connect your Berry to the Mac via USB.

    Open network settings (make sure they're unlocked)

    Hit the + sign to add new service

    Use the interface drop down and select your Blackberry

    Give it a service name and hit create

    Leave all settings on the main page as default (blank)

    Click on the advanced tab

    Under vendor select Research In Motion

    Under Model select Blackberry IP Model (GSM)

    Here's the import part --> the APM for Telus is --> bb.telus.com

    Hit Ok then Apply then Connect

    Note if you have a password on your BB then you'll be prompted to enter it here.

    All should be well...Enjoy!

    Watch your usage folks...it add up fast.
    01-07-12 12:20 AM
  2. mssca's Avatar
    With OS 7.1 I just use the wifi hotspot because I am ok with the battery drain. I find for quick access to the net hotspot is faster to turn on and get going.

    Yes, the data adds up fast and with only having 500 MB I just keep tethering for emergencies only.
    01-13-12 11:30 AM