1. eccentri1city's Avatar
    Need help/advice if any of you have got it! Creeped this forum for a long time...but alas I can't find the answer I'm looking for this time.

    My friend got a 9900 Bold from Telus, and promptly dropped it on it's screen 2 days later.
    The LCD is fine, but the Digitizer is shattered (although intact and currently scotch-taped to keep it that way)

    A couple of quick quesitons:
    1) Is it easy to remove the digitizer from the LCD? (I know it's not 'easy,' but digitizers are ~$35, and an LCD+Digitizer combo is ~$100 so the savings are worth it if it's possible to remove -I've done a iPhone 3GS and Torch replacement but can't find any concrete information on this phone)
    2) I know there are different versions of the LCDs...but is this the same for the digitizers?
    3) And finally, is there any way to tell the LCD version without taking the phone apart?

    I usually get my parts from sw-box.com -> any other 'better' sources with these kind of prices?

    10-21-11 06:04 PM
  2. vincentw's Avatar
    Same problem, mine's the 9930.
    I saw a youtube instruction, but I'm not very sure unless someone on the forum has done it before.
    11-15-11 01:42 AM