1. jwolf6589's Avatar
    I have not decided yet on which phone to upgrade to next month as its been a difficult decision. I have used the Blackberry for 2 years and enjoy the small size, the keyboard, and the ease of doing things. The iPhone is no question the better device when compared to my BB Curve 3G and most older BB's. However the new BB Bold 9900 is a very nice device with its speed, memory, above other things, not including both a keyboard and touchscreen!

    Multimedia, games, and a multitude of apps are not the most important features of a phone for me, but yet this is why many dislike the Blackberry. I have a Gameboy for games, a Canon Digital camera, a JVC Camcorder, and a Macbook for multimedia. Also to note that on the iphone I will have to pay extra for TeleNAV, and it does not support Bluetooth audio pairing (yet), nor will it sync with the sprint navigation websites, which means I will lose 30+ go to destinations. For my car I have a Garmin, however when I bike ride I rely on my cell phone to navigate. If the iPhone cannot bluetooth pair (yet) then it would be difficult to navigate.

    However a MAJOR advantage the iPhone has over the BB is that it will sync with Mail and Safari, so I can browse the web much faster, and send emails and have access to my MacBooks mailboxes.

    So what would you choose of the Phones and why?

    02-05-12 02:26 PM
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    The only reason I went with a Blackberry is because of the keyboard. Specially with Bold 9900 larger physical size, it is much easier to type. I have an iPod touch and I type super slow so I think it will be hard for me to get on board with the "popular" touch screen typing. If Apple come up with a keyboard based iPhone, I will be gone from Blackberry for sure.

    Yes, emails and BBM are great, but BBM is not a big deal if I only know 5 friends out of 30 other friends from school use BBM at the first place. Who cares if an email is bit late? But then again, it is nice to know when a prof cancel his/her class an hour before I leave for school. So, I have mixed feelings about Blackberry. I had to return my first few units due to hardware defects. Make sure if you buy a BB, there are no hardware issues.
    02-05-12 02:36 PM