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    Hello I have a verizon Bold 9900. I have a problem with my carrier, I couldn't get the service book from them. I already tried lot of solution but nothing worked.
    I get my father bold 9900 and i puted my sim everything worked well. So I'm wondering, if I use BBSAK to copy service book from my father's device to mine it will certainly work.

    Anyone have an idea on how to take this service book using BBSAK? On which file I have to find them?

    I read this : HOW TO: Browser fix for AT&T on 5.0 OS Using BBSAK

    But in this article they download AT&T service books .ipd file from AT T website. I'm not in US, I'm in Africa and my carrier don't provide service book on their website.

    Edit :I put my sim on my father's device and everything worked weel so I used BBSAK : I read the system and saved all the COD(s) of my father 9930. In which one of this files I can find the service books in order to copy it on my 9930?
    Anyone have an idea? Will it work? Does one of this files contain the service books?

    Thank you for your help.
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