1. mikeycollins13's Avatar
    Just wondering if any T-Mobile UK users have ever been able to use wifi calling UMA?

    I know Orange users have posted that OS 7.1 beta works, but does it work for t-mobile users? (UK)
    12-08-11 06:32 PM
  2. mikeycollins13's Avatar
    I have entered default Orange UMA Settings:
    1/ Get to the engineering main screen
    2/ click mobile network enginnering screens
    3/ click Utilities
    4/ Click Session Manager
    5/ hit blackberry key and select UMA Options
    6/ Hit Blackberry key and New
    7/ Display name = Factory Provisions
    8/ Operator name = Orange
    9/ UMA Protocol = UMA V 1.0.3 (this is defaulty any way)
    10/ Take tick out of use default UNC address
    11/ Enter UNC address 'unc.singlephone.orange.co.uk'
    12/ Provisioning UNC port '14001' think that's default anyway
    13/ Take tick out of box for use default provisioning SEGW Address
    14/ Enter SEGW address 'singlephone.orange.co.uk'
    15/ SEGW certificate select 'Equifax Secure Certificate Authority'
    16/ Hit blackberry key and select save
    17/ come out of engineering screen and go to options Mobile Network, here you should have a new item 'Connection Preference' select either Wifi preferred or mobile network prefered, save changes and come back to home screen do a battery pull.

    but no luck...
    12-10-11 05:53 PM
  3. Phill_UK's Avatar
    The UMA licence in the UK is with Orange, not T-Mobile or Everything Everywhere, so you won't ever get wifi calling.
    12-10-11 06:06 PM
  4. mikeycollins13's Avatar
    I am reading that T-mobile is saying in the beginning of 2012?

    This from tMobile to me and others in forums?

    Are you sure?
    12-10-11 08:13 PM
  5. Phill_UK's Avatar
    So if T-Mobile are getting it, are Orange losing it? There can only be one licence per network, per country.

    And if it's not coming until 2012, why are you trying to activate it now if it's not supported yet?
    12-10-11 08:40 PM
  6. mikeycollins13's Avatar
    Hi Phil,
    To answer your questions:
    Why try UMA if on T-mobile UK? Simply hoping that it might work with Orange settings for UMA while using TmobileOrange signal. It didn't....

    I have heard, from numerous people at Tmobile biz support that UMA is coming and they had heard about it etc.

    Why can UMA exist only for one company per country?
    That's puzzling?
    12-11-11 10:56 AM