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    I originally received my Bold 9900 as a paid early upgrade on T-Mobile in early September 2011. One of the services on my T-Mobile contract is the Premium Handset Protection which is provided by Asurion. At the end of September I left the United States to do a semester abroad. Long story short, my contract was kindly put on seasonal suspension by T-Mobile so that I would not have to pay the full contract price while I was away for 6months. However when I log into my.tmobile account online it still shows that I have all my previous services on my plan, including the premium protection.

    On December 29th I lost my Bold 9900 while outside the US and have had to use a spare 8900 since. I get back to the United States in April and I want to know if I will be able to submit a claim on my insurance for a replacement 9900 or if i should do that now before 30 days expire from the date that I lost it or if it is a lost cause altogether in which case I will be scouring craigslist and ebay for a reasonably priced 9900. Can I get an insurance replacement from outside America from Asurion, I have read the terms and conditions but there are no explicit instructions about international claims but it does say that I am covered internationally? How is that impacted by seasonal suspension?

    If anyone has any knowledge about this or something similar, any advice would be very helpful. Thank you.
    01-10-12 04:48 AM
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    Wow, 124 views and not a single reply. Does no one have a knowledge or educated advice on this topic?
    01-23-12 06:13 AM