1. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    I'm using a Rogers 9900 on AT&T and can't get mobile hotspot up and running. I tried adding the 5GB w/ hotspot plan with no luck. Has anyone been able to get it working?
    02-08-12 02:03 PM
  2. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    No, why would I need Rogers APN on a Rogers device?

    I have AT&T APN in there. I'm not a Rogers customer so I don't think they are the issue
    02-10-12 01:46 PM
  3. Fubaz's Avatar
    bah i misread it all.. my bad

    as far as I know ATT has it disabled.
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    02-10-12 01:53 PM
  4. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    Well I got it sorted out. Kind of a PITA but hey, it works so I won't complain.

    So here's the deal. Apparently with AT&T the system will only show plans that match the device according to the IMEI (BB shows BB plans, iPhone shows iPhone plans etc). So since my Rogers IMEI is unknown to their system, it only shows generic 3G BB plans and not the H+ that I needed. So ultimately I had to give them the IMEI from my AT&T branded 9810 for their system in order to get the correct plan to show. Still using my SIM in my Rogers 9900, just doesn't look like that on my account in AT&T system. So all in all - it's working, it's annoying to figure out and that's that.
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    02-10-12 02:19 PM
  5. Jared DiPane's Avatar

    A bit of a pain, but a learning experience for all!
    02-10-12 02:41 PM
  6. Jake90087's Avatar
    Wow. That's a hassle! If I was on AT&T I would've tried to help you. But I agree with Bla1ze. Canada! :P Saying that Vodafone UK is great with tethering. Never any problems. Even using DM on my 9000...
    02-10-12 02:49 PM
  7. jcarty's Avatar
    So, what happens if I don't have an H+ BB but I need to do the same?
    02-10-12 03:36 PM
  8. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    So, what happens if I don't have an H+ BB but I need to do the same?
    Not sure

    Find a friend who isn't using their IMEI?
    02-10-12 03:38 PM
  9. wfubball's Avatar
    I had that problem (they couldnt turn on H+) for me because they couldnt find the IMEI on my engineering 9810, so no luck for me
    02-10-12 04:38 PM
  10. iJuan's Avatar
    Not sure why AT&T does that. I had the $25 plan for my iPhone, and now that I ditched it for the 9900 which I bought o ebay, they wanted this phones IMEI.
    So my question is now
    Do I still have my insurance for my iPhone or this Bold I bought on ebay??
    02-12-12 03:00 AM