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    So my wife had a 9000 until a few months ago when it finally died (dropped multiple times). She's using my old 8900 for now and looking to upgrade. Any input from 9810 and 9900 owners would be greatly appreciated .

    1) QWERTY keyboard: she texts/IMs/emails often with friends and for her business (no BES). How's typing on the 9810 compared to the 8900 and 9000? Typing on the 9810 vs the 9900...yes I will search the forum too .
    2) good browser: OS7 looks much better than OS5.
    3) fairly durable and reliable: we'll get a decent case this time around, but having a phone that won't fall apart after 1 yr would be good. we have 2 boys under 5 yrs old too.

    really nice to have:
    Flash: wife's work website has flash video, which plays fine on my Atrix.
    larger screen: this one is at odds with the durable requirement . sliding phones are more prone to physical damage than non-sliding IMO.

    I moved to Android with the Atrix and like it, which is why we're considering the soon to be released Captivate Glide. The wife really likes the Atrix too, but she can't stand a touchscreen keyboard.
    11-15-11 01:08 PM
  2. houshinto#IM's Avatar
    I'd say 9900. It's keeps the familiarity of the 9000 but improves upon it in every way.

    Really it comes down to the keyboard. And though the 9810 is a good device, if she valued the great feel of typing enjoyed with the 9000 then the 9900 is the only choice of the three.
    11-15-11 01:17 PM
  3. inicophone's Avatar
    Out of the choice that you've given, for me, I would go for the Bold 9900.

    I like the form factor, the keyboard is the best in the business, and I think it is arguably the best BlackBerry yet.

    I haven't seen the Samsung, but I have been less than impressed with their offerings. I find the Galaxy S2 very cheap in feeling, despite the high price tag. I don't know about the captivate, but I feel it might be the same!

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    11-15-11 04:16 PM
  4. newcollector's Avatar
    The 9810 is a great device...gives you the larger touchscreen and you still get the physical keyboard. The best bet is for her to go to a retail store and play with the devices. 9900 is a great device as well.

    If she likes taking crisp clear pictures with her phone, then go for the 9810...it has auto focus. The 9900 doesn't.
    11-15-11 04:24 PM
  5. gnahc79's Avatar
    Forgot about the camera, which is actually important too. Way to make things more difficult .
    Camera: Glide, 9810
    keyboard: 9900,9810
    screen size: Glide, 9810
    durability: 9900
    11-15-11 06:43 PM