1. iwhalperin's Avatar
    This morning, while syncing my 9900, the Desk Top Manager advised there was an upgrade available. I performed the u/g and my 9900 now has Bundle 7.0 2392 running OS ver.

    I think the battery life problem has been resolved. The battery consumption is 3.8 %/hr which suggests a battery life < 26 hours (using Meter Berry) which is a profound improvement.
    12-23-11 07:34 PM
  2. chaddeus's Avatar
    Good for you!! The latest official is (not from ATT) and you might wanna try. But if you are happy with it, there is no need to change

    - Charles
    12-23-11 08:11 PM
  3. emantica's Avatar
    The. 590 did not work for me!... I'm with leak 7.1 and its bad, I need the UMA
    12-23-11 09:42 PM