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    hi i have a bb 9900 with bell, and i want to do the update, but every time i instal it and when the phone boots its still 7.0. can someone give me step by step instruction on how to do it right
    01-29-12 04:13 PM
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    use the search button....

    first remove the previous os from your pc, install the os 7.1 and delete the xml file
    back up data and use the apploader
    01-29-12 04:16 PM
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    how do you remove previous os from computer
    01-29-12 04:22 PM
  4. DruGs's Avatar
    how do you remove previous os from computer
    by add/remove programs in control panel.
    01-29-12 04:30 PM
  5. bobo09's Avatar
    so i delete 7.0 and leave the 7.1
    01-29-12 04:32 PM
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    Assuming you're using a PC.

    Go to Control Panel -> App/Remove Programs (Programs and Features) and find BlackBerry Device Software. Click on it and remove it.

    Next you want to download and install the OS you want on your phone.

    I use BBBoss to shrink the OS, remove features I don't need or want. You can also have it delete the vendor.xml files.

    Once this is done I go to C:\PROGRAM FILES\COMMON FILES\RESEARCH IN MOTION\APP LOADER and select Loader.exe.

    Then just follow the on screen instructions.
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    01-29-12 04:34 PM