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    OK, i'm getting really annoyed because i've been reading about bricked phones last night and I woke up today and it almost happened to me.

    I'm starting to get weird symptoms like slow touchscreen processing, scrolling, typing, etc. And the internet keeps loading and sending information every second, like the arrows are non stop where it says EDGE/3G. It hasn't stopped! And when I lock the screen and reach over to unlock, it takes 5 seconds to load the screen when usually it happens instantly. The clock keeps popping up non stop when I am at the password screen. I have restarted several times to see if it catches up on the processing. Then I get the JVM error. WTF????? I click OK, hourglass on screen, takes a while to load and i'm just thinking oh god, it's gonna be brick, I think i'm gonna sh*t my pants bc I paid the full amount for this phone without contract and I don't know if i'll even be able to return it if it dies on me. Well it loaded fine thank goodness. The thing is, I am on the stock OS and have barely downloaded any apps. I've had this phone since 8/21/11 when it first came out on Sprint. This is like the Y2K bug or something, except it's really happening. I think it might be a matter of time before something irreversible happens, cross my fingers it doesn't happen.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do if my phone dies on me? Like will I be able to return it? I have no insurance on it, no nothing, just my receipt and the warranty.

    I also don't ever let my battery go below 20% - EVER
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    I'd say wipe and reload the OS... or bring it into a Sprint store and have them check it out.
    11-07-11 12:39 PM