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    Well, a search has turned up nothing that seems to work, so here's the situation: I have added several e-mail accounts to my 9930 via the device setup options (I can't access the Verizon BIS portal as it tells me I have to use my device to manage e-mail accounts... an OS 7 thing I assume). Anyway, I have added a signature, but when I test it, the signature is jammed up against the last line of the e-mail.

    I add a space and then a return to the first line of the signature, but the device immediately strips out the space and the return when I save changes. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to add a single line between the last line of the e-mail and the first line of the signature.

    Well, obviously I could add a return at the end when I am composing an e-mail, but I'm looking for the automated solution, please.

    09-27-11 04:21 PM
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    You can use a small symbol before adding the returns.

    Email body

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    09-27-11 04:26 PM
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    I use a word substitution for my signature. Options >> typing and language >> word substitution..then hit the blackberry key and choose "new"....I use "zz" for my signature shortcut. So when you are done typing an email text, enter down a space so you have a line between the body of your email and your sig and hit: zz (space)...wallah..signature!

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    09-27-11 04:31 PM
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    Save an auto text as you wished and your short text.
    Then type your short text and press space.
    it appears as a long text.
    I use auto text for my signatures.

    Maybe you know but option is an option

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    09-27-11 04:33 PM
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    Yeah, AutoText is an option. My OCD gets the best of me some times, however. Let's see what happens when I add dashes...
    09-27-11 06:30 PM
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    Well, dashes it is. Thanks for the tips.
    09-27-11 06:32 PM
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    Followup: My BIS account was corrupt, and as a result I couldn't log in to the Verizon BIS portal. Once Verizon reset the account, I could log in. And as an additional benefit, the issue with no space between the e-mail body and the signature was corrected.

    09-30-11 11:36 AM