02-15-11 01:44 PM
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  1. Skeevecr's Avatar
    The 9000 is the best phone it ever designed, it was a mistake imo to go smaller in both screen and keyboard for the 9700. I'm not sure if the 9700 has "become so popular" as much as its "become the only choice for those that don't want a slider ".

    So you think they'll make a touchscreen bold with a 9700 size screen? Sorry... I'm not believing this.
    Just because they have gone back to 9000 size for the dakota shouldn't rule out a 9700 touch being the next new bold after that one, rim are about giving people choices when it comes to form factor and if they have enough fans of the smaller bold then they would be daft not to do one of those as well.
    01-22-11 08:34 AM
  2. tda_tda's Avatar
    ... my dad surely would love the big sized keypad and screen...

    he's 61 and not finding touch-screens interesting... prior to giving his iPad to my sister he said,'Ipad and alike is okay but old folks with reading glasses like I prefer real typing'.. he's a happy fella with his 15.6" ASUS G51JX screen which is practically like a mini wide TV..
    01-22-11 09:59 AM
  3. rearview's Avatar
    There have been rumors of this device for a LONG time. I'd think RIM would hear the cries, eventually.
    01-24-11 01:34 PM
  4. Anatomy's Avatar
    Ever since I abandoned iphone for BlacBberry Bold 9000 I've craved a touchscreen for that phone. I have followed the 9000-9700-9780 path for some of the other updates but a 9000 keyboard/screen size with trackpad and touchscreen will really hit the spot. If it's thinner with a more powerful processor and less plastic it might be the last phone I ever buy (yeah right).
    01-28-11 03:30 PM
  5. crackcookie's Avatar
    I don't see why would you want a smaller bold, just go use the curve. Its basically the same thing.

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    01-28-11 05:05 PM
  6. sleepngbear's Avatar
    I don't see why would you want a smaller bold, just go use the curve. Its basically the same thing.

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    Agreed. The 9000 was without a doubt the most comfortable phone to type on that I'd ever had. My only complaint with it was the crappy browser and small display. I'll have to mess with the Dakota some to see if I'll have a problem going back the smaller display from that of the Torch, but then I'm hoping to have a PlayBook by then for all my mobile browsing needs and the screen size won't be that big a deal. I know for sure I'd miss the touch screen though, which is what's making this thing look more like a winner.
    01-28-11 05:26 PM
  7. dutchtender's Avatar
    Lots of other companies don't (I think there's one named Apple that told a customer to "just don't hold it like that" when it came to their iPhone's antenna issue?).
    and they dutifully obeyed that command from on high and held the phone a different way.
    01-28-11 05:42 PM
  8. wvucraig's Avatar
    I hope this is true as well. I had a 9000 when I worked for AT&T and it was my FAVORITE BlackBerry ever. I'm currently rockin out the Curve 8900, and while I love it, my heart will always belong to the 9000. Too bad those bastards made me give it back when I quit...
    01-29-11 07:14 PM
  9. Evan_O's Avatar
    To the OP... Do you believe the leak now? Wondering if the rumors have been this serious before.

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    01-30-11 10:47 PM
  10. Stein357's Avatar
    The hype is real!!
    01-31-11 02:25 AM
  11. kb2755's Avatar
    Believe it, its a real device. Employees already have them and are working with them in town here. Already seen a couple of them.
    02-13-11 02:18 PM
  12. xx_blam_xx's Avatar
    I want this to be my next phone so bad. This thing better be real.
    02-15-11 05:01 AM
  13. crackcookie's Avatar
    I dont understand why some joe would come up here saying this is not true. Dont you know that one of the reasons people don't like blackberries is because of their small keyboards? People HATE that actually. And they already have small phones: curve with about 3 different entries, style, pearl.

    Why would you be shocked they are going BACK to the original form factor?
    That would be like saying Im shocked the Storm 3 is a touch screen.

    Remember, this is only the Bold 3. The 2 was the 9700, and the 9780 was just a refresh most people didn't feel compelled to buy. This is the true improvment in every aspect, did you also look at that part too? Or did you just say, oh its a big phone, thats dumb. As if the hottest phones selling right now (Droids/iphones) aren't big.
    02-15-11 08:25 AM
  14. DawgMan's Avatar
    Very true. It's a real device in use by a select few now.
    02-15-11 08:40 AM
  15. mthomps07's Avatar
    Ahhh I want to see actual pics of this thing so bad. Hopefully the leaks will start coming soon.
    02-15-11 09:01 AM
  16. theshadow62's Avatar
    i want to believe!!
    02-15-11 01:44 PM
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