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    My first smartphone was a curve 8520.. Loved it but after a while i got boring so i decided to get an android. It was great and all for the first few days but then it slowed like a beeeech.
    Switched back to a bold 9700 and enjoyed it more than my curve! After a few months got bored and went to android again. Then back to my bold. Then went to iPhone 4 to see what was all the hype. IMO if it isnt jailbroken, the device is pretty much useless and i didn't want to bother with the tethered jailbreaks. Upgraded to my 9900 and till this day it has best of both worlds. Touch screen and the keyboard is great.
    There has been something RIM has done to keep bringing me back.
    Thumbs up for the new sleek devices.
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    11-21-11 05:56 PM
  2. pblakk's Avatar
    Yes, it's damn good
    11-21-11 10:34 PM
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    Its an excellent device. 2 thumbs up!
    very smooth, responsive and great design.
    11-22-11 08:39 AM
  4. jabraunski's Avatar
    can't agree more, seems like the same path i took but always went back to the iPhones. this one has me staying!
    11-22-11 09:38 AM