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    1. How good is the intregation from GMail? I need easy to use archiving and email conversation threading.

    2. My main messenger account uses my own jabber server. Can i use jabber on the Blackberry? I don't need group chats, a stable connection is all i want.

    3. How is the navigation on the blackberry? It is the most used non messeging feature from my phone. (I dont need voice for navigating)

    4. Is the browser usable now?

    5. How is the development for a blackberry under linux? I love the developing for webOS but i hate the linux policy from palm/hp.

    05-17-11 06:09 AM
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    1. Conversations are threaded in the Blackberry email software, and you can archive items by pressing Menu Button > Archive. Simple as that. It's essentially your GMail inbox embedded in the Blackberry OS.

    2. Here are the Jabber applications currently available on Blackberry App World:
    BlackBerry App World - Search Results for "jabber"

    3. Good, you can get a good satellite lock quicker than any Nokia mobile phone I've used (only past experience) - turn by turn navigation isn't built into the Blackberry software though, you'd need a third party application for this. (this may change in OS7, although I haven't heard anything to suggest it will)

    4. When was it not usable? I find the browser on my 8900 (OS5) very usable, and I can only imagine a touch screen and tabbed browsing would be a vast improvement on this, not to mention 3G connectivity and a quicker processor, etc.

    5. Can't help you there, check out the developer section on the Blackberry site:
    BlackBerry - BlackBerry Developer Zone
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