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    Its been 4months i have been using bold 9900,and i found some unusual problem which i will like to discuss.
    However i find the device good enough.

    Firstly, i'm using version 7.0 bundle 1465(v7.0.0.296) which came with the device when i bought it. I usually use it on 3G, however when i'm low on battery, i switch to EDGE. I have noticed sometimes my radio get stuck, i cannot do anything until i refresh my network, it shows me full signals but i can't use anything like twitter and facebook, my bbm show a clock sign when i try to message someone, and if anyone calls me, my cellphone says its switched off even thou my radio is on with full signal. This problem is on both 3G and EDGE.

    Second, over the pass few weeks i have seen my application storage gone down from 180mb to 160mb , in this time i have only uninstalled one application and updated few using appworld. During my day to day use, like 4 to 5 days, the application storage goes really down from 160mb to less than 80mb, for which my device becomes really slow, after that i have to do a battery pull. How can i get full application storage like 180mb ? memory leak issues ?

    Sometimes i charge my battery when its on 60% or 50%, does it physically affect the battery life, my friends say that charge only when your battery indicator is in yellow or red. Will that be a problem to my battery ?

    Lastly, the battery issue, i have seen many topics on battery life, some say updating the OS will improve battery life, some say it has upgrading it latest build will make the battery more worst ... can any one suggest me what to do about this battery issue ?? When i connect to my blackberry desktop software, it show an update is available 7.0 bundle 2406 (v7.0.0.585), how is the battery life on this version ?
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    The issue you are having with the network may be a glitch in the OS itself, or it may be an issue with your network signal. I'm not really sure what can be done to fix that.

    With regards to your application storage, are you closing out of your programs properly? Simply pressing the end key on the handset will not close out of the application you're using, it "minimized" it and allows it to run in the background. To properly close out of an app, press the back button to back out of the app, or press the menu key and select close. This is one of the most important things to remember when using a BB, as it will effect your battery life, data usage, and available memory.

    Don't worry about charging your battery if it's at 50% or any percentage, it will not hurt the battery. What your friends are telling you was true for older battery technologies, but it does not apply to the current Lithium Ion batteries. And yes, OS'es can effect battery life. The most important thing you can do regarding battery life is to make sure you have all applications closed. Press and hold the BlackBerry key to see what is running in the background. You will always have these 5 apps running, Home, Messages, Browser, BBM, and Phone.
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    I don't have any signal problems, the place i live has good infact excellent signals. Sometimes it works fine but sometimes it troubles me like anything, i have to refresh my radio 4 to 5 times or maybe even a battery pull. Will upgrading my OS help this issue ?
    02-04-12 12:24 AM