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    9900 Bold, OS 7.0.0 Bundle 2406, Vodafone UK

    I have a 32Gb SD card in my 9900. I've just copied some mp3 music files from my PC to the card. I've copied them in the same folder structure as they are in on the PC (as they're set up for syncing with iTunes/iPod), i.e.:


    I've copied them by inserting the SD card in the phone; connecting the phone to the PC (i.e. rather than directly connecting the SD card to the PC, which I could have done); and then drag/dropping the files using Windows Explorer. After I've disconnected the phone and I go to Media | Music on the phone, most of the music tracks appear in the correct place, i.e. under Artist Name / Album. But with several of the albums, they don't appear to be linked to any artist or album, as if they haven't been tagged correctly (which they have been - I've checked them on my PC). Instead, they appear under Unknown album, with no album or artist tagged against them.

    Is there any way to fix this problem? I can listen to these tracks on the phone, but I have to find them in the unknown album and listen to them individually, rather than in their artist/album ordering. Hope this makes sense.
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