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    I use Social Feeds for my RSS feeds and it works well. I was wondering is there anyway to still receive the notifications while the app is closed, like Facebook does?

    Also, since I downloaded .585 several days ago I have been unable to subscribe to any podcasts (including CB) as it just says:

    There was a problem subscribing to this podcast. Please try again later.
    I'm not doing anything any different, is this an OS issue? Any ideas?
    12-11-11 02:02 PM
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    In "Social Feeds" go to Options>RSS Options. Change the Update/Refresh settings. Set up changes in the same Options>Notifications. Having these acceptions and updates running in the background will affect battery life.

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have done both those things, but at the moment (I think) my notifications are only coming through when the app is open in the background. If the app is closed the notifications don't come through until I open it. Is that how its supposed to be?

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    12-11-11 04:10 PM