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    Well after 2 JVM Errors (with NO computer to fix) and an App Error (after a "successful" OS update <official OTA from VZW>) I talked Verizon into letting me downgrade to a 9650 (it'll be here later today)...they were only gonna KEEP giving me Bold's...since I have NO access to a computer ( I KNOW; imagine THAT; BUT my bills get PAID; NO credit card either) I could NOT do a wipe/re-load...I decide NOT to get ANOTHER 9930...hardware wise the 9930 really IS th BEST BB (at least MY 3 were)...and maybe I just keep getting BAD 9930 (Mexico5 batch??)...BUT...none the less and none the more...I'm giving the 9650 a shot...I THINK its OS6...hey they got themes!!!<---silver lining????
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    11-04-11 07:56 AM
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    The 9650 should ship with OS6 pre-loaded on the device. Have you taken the 9930 to a VZW support location? While I haven't done this myself, I've always heard of people getting their OS'es reloaded at the store location if need be...

    I've got a Mexican born 9930, and I haven't had any issues at all. Works like a charm.
    11-04-11 08:13 AM
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    Hey, that's what I plan on doing too! I'm going back to BB but not to a 9930 yet. I also don't have a computer so spontaneous bricking is a real hassle for me.

    I'm gonna get a 9650, and wait 4-? Months for the 9930 to have an OS update to fix the bugs.

    I came to hate my Tour because it had so many error, 552, 507, tech error. And no PC to fix it. After a year, the Tour was solid, but I was already annoyed.
    11-04-11 08:16 AM
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    I'm disabled and can't drive so its a bit of a pain to "go" anywhere...I'm liking this 9650. Got OS6. My first. Now I'm going theme hunting

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    11-04-11 01:10 PM
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    Some serious issues at RIM w software forsure...
    11-04-11 01:22 PM
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    Zetter by Raypho

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    11-04-11 03:41 PM
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    ???? the 9930 seems to be giving some problems. Regardless, why don't you take it to work or to a friend's house and get it upgraded there? I love this phone ^^ Except for the camera :P I'd much prefer a slower autofocus than the EDOF (right? is that right?) camera! Oh well, I'm good .

    I'm sorry you've had problems. This is really a fantasterastic phone!
    11-05-11 02:43 AM
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    All my 9930 were AWESOME hardware-wise...I was taking pretty good pictures with it ("precious moments" are for CAMERAS not PHONES)...this here 9650 is ok...I really LOVE the themes...they WOULD be better on a touch screen...oh well...one day...I'm thinkin with LOW app support and NO theme builder perhaps RIM pushed OS7 a bit TO MUCH...IMO...oh well

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    11-09-11 02:22 PM
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    UPDATE: VZW sent me the unit only. As I was returning a 9650 I needed EVERYTHING for the 9930...so after talking to technical support (customer service could not help) about my BlackBerry issues they allowed me to get a Droid Incredible 2...oh happy day!!!...I know a lot of BB folks will shun me...but thats ok...I love my Droid and can't see going back...THIS Android came out at the beginning of this year and its where BlackBerry should gave been LAST YEAR..the 9930 should be the BEST in smartphones...the internals should match the externals...my Droid is a single core phone...WAY more memory...forward facing camera...I WANTED my 9930's to work (not so much the 9650)...if they did...my head would still be in the sand...smartphone wise...just got an email from a friend...my Droid informed me she has a blog on Blogger...now THAT'S smart!!!
    11-30-11 06:30 AM