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    I did a backup of my 9930 Bold and noticed that it saved 1,030 SMS messages. I checked my text message icon and I only have about 50 messages in there. I always thought SMS and text were the same. I deleted all of my text messages and it still says I have 1,030 SMS messages. I went back into DM and noticed a delete data option. I scrolled thru and it allows me to check the box of 1,030 SMS's. I haven't done it because I don't want to cause some kind of problem. Is it safe to delete these messages in that manner? Or should I go into a message icon and view the SMS folder and delete whatever is there? I just don't want to create a problem. Any help would be appreciated..Thanks
    09-19-11 04:59 PM
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    Did you check your sms outbox?
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    09-19-11 05:02 PM
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    Yes. I found what I believe are the folders. I went into a message and clicked "view folder". I then saw all of my email, sms, mms and texts. I saw both the outboxes and inboxes. I guess I just go into these folders and click delete prior? That shouldn't cause any issues, correct?
    09-19-11 06:19 PM
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    You can open the main messages folder and press alt O, alt I and V. For outgoing, incoming and saved. Fyi.
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    09-19-11 07:40 PM
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    Sorry, thanks for all your help, but I guess what I'm now really wondering is regardless of how I delete the SMS's and MMS's at this point, it won't affect my device in a negative way, correct? If so, I'm gonna start deleting like a madman. Again, thank you for your patience.
    09-20-11 05:53 AM
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    Won't hurt a thing. It may event help if you have that many.

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    09-20-11 04:50 PM