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    Hi everyone,

    I have two blackberry phones, 9900 and 9700. I have a data plan active on my sim card and whenever I try to connect to the internet via Desktop Manager with my BB 9900 it works but it is not really fast.
    Then I take the same sim card and insert it into my BB 9700 and follow the same steps as above (connect to Desktop Manager Software and enable mobile internet) and then my internet speed increases by 3 times.

    Can someone please explain to me why this happens? Why a newer BB 9900 phone cannot get the same speed or even better compared to the BB 9700?
    Is there an option on the BB 9900 that I have to enable?

    It does not make any sense because it is the same sim card on two different models and the speeds differ.

    Thank you.
    12-22-11 01:49 AM
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    I forgot to mention that both phones 9900 and 9700 have the latest OS software and they also have 3G and 2G activated inside mobile network settings.
    All the settings are the same between the two phones.

    12-22-11 02:08 AM
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    Yes I have tried the same websites and downloads and the speed on the 9700 is much better. I even did a speed test on speedtest.net and the BB9700 shows better results.

    Another thing I noticed is that whenever I connect my BB9900 to the PC to act as modem and I have internet, the Blackberry symbol on the right top corner (where it shows the signal bars) never disappears whereas when I connect the BB9700 the blackberry symbol disappears.
    Thus, my thoughts on this is that while the 9900 is trying to act as a modem and it also stays with the blackberry symbol on (meaning it still receives emails and BBMs) so it is slower. As for the 9700 it disconnects BB services automatically and only acts as a modem thus the increased speed on the internet.

    Now, how can I make the 9900 act like the 9700?
    I tried to manually put data services off on the phone and then click on mobile internet on desktop manager but it does not allow the connection to go through. But if I do this on the BB9700, it is still able to connect to the internet.

    What can I do please to increase the internet speed of the 9900 just like the 9700??

    12-22-11 03:22 AM
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    reinstall the os bro.
    12-22-11 05:06 AM
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    Thanks for the input everyone. I did a OS reinstall and also did not work.

    But now I have found the solution and it worked. For those that do not know, the solution is called "IP Modem Solo Mode". Mine was set to disabled meaning that on my BB9900, whenever I would go to the internet via Desktop Software it would combine BB service and internet, thus the internet connection was slow. Now I have put it to enable and when I connect via DM, only internet is on.

    For those that want BB service and internet at the same time or not follow the instructions on the following links:



    Zibri's Blog: Hidden things are usually the best

    More tutorials can also be found in youtube (search for Engineering Screen on blackberry)

    Everything is explained there and it is straight forward and easy and IT WORKS!!!!!
    12-22-11 06:15 AM