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    Just got my 9930 and overall, pretty impressed with the device so far. I came from a 9650 and the slowness of the device on OS 6 was really starting to get annoying. I was surprised to find that a number of the third party apps in ran on my 9650 were not available for OS 7. I've found replacements for most of them, but one I use frequently is SiriusXM and I can't get it to work. I was able to download and install it, but when I run it I get "service temporarily unavailable". Any of you gotten this app to work somehow?
    02-16-12 12:58 PM
  2. Mr. Incredikyle's Avatar
    According to the Indians I spoke to in SiriusXM Tech Support, SiriusXM has no plans for further support of BB devices.
    02-16-12 09:43 PM
  3. deezy87's Avatar
    So...no siriusx? you cannot be serious. All jokes aside, what are your sources to that info?
    02-16-12 10:01 PM
  4. Mr. Incredikyle's Avatar
    My sources are the 3 different Indians I spoke to@SiriusXM tech support which has been outsourced to Mumbai. I called to cancel my Internet subscription since it doesn't work with OS 7 and after speaking to 2 different techs I was redirected to one of their "retention specialists" who all but begged me not to cancel. When I explained that I was not willing to pay SiriusXM $5bucks a month for something I could no longer use she feigned ignorance of the issue. She put me on hold for about 20 minutes and when she came back she apologized for not understanding my problem and said that she had spoken to Tech support and that they told her that they in fact have no plans at this time to offer continued support for RIM devices. I said no problem, cancel my Internet subscription. She tried to sell me a new radio instead. I explained that I already have 2 radio subscriptions for both of my vehicles and that I used the Internet subscription on my phone when I was in the office(IT restricts access to Sirius on the network) and since that was no longer possible I wasn't interested in keeping it. She finally agreed to cancel the subscription and while I was waiting while she typed away I mentioned that there are over 75million BB's worldwide and that Sirius will be losing a lot of subscriptions, she laughed and said" I know, I have a BB and didn't realize they were doing this" She promised to note my account and forward it up the corporate chain. I was considering calling into the Stern show and trying to bring it up with Howard but since he's become such an Apple fanboy, he'd probably just make fun of me for still having a BB. This is an awful, shortsighted move by Sirius and another blow for RIM. I wonder if RIM is even aware that this has happened?
    02-20-12 06:36 PM
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    The last I checked the sirius website it listed compatible BB phones. Check it out
    02-20-12 06:40 PM
  6. Mr. Incredikyle's Avatar
    The last I checked the sirius website it listed compatible BB phones. Check it out
    Yes I'm aware of that. The app worked just fine on my Bold 9650 with OS6. I wrote that they will NOT be offering FURTHER support meaning it does NOT work with OS7 but thanks for reading my whole post.
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    02-20-12 06:46 PM
  7. Goldwing07's Avatar
    They don't support OS7. It worked just fine on my Bold 9650 with OS6.
    Yeah forgot about os7. Guess i will stick with 6
    02-20-12 06:48 PM
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    The SiriusXM app works very well on both of my 9930 devices. I loaded the same app that I had on my 9650.
    02-20-12 07:03 PM
  9. Mr. Incredikyle's Avatar
    I tried that and it installed just fine but when I went to connect it always said service unavailable. Maybe it's working for you because you're not running the latest version of OS7?
    02-20-12 07:06 PM
  10. doctord23's Avatar
    What we need is to get MusicDock to port their program over to BB. Currently it is only for IOS and Windows Mobile.
    I had an iphone4 for a while and that is the one program that I miss.
    It was a lot better than the official app and you only needed a standard XM online subscription, not the premium account.
    FYI, I called to cancel one of my XM radios this weekend and I totally got the runaround too.
    02-20-12 07:26 PM
  11. Mr. Incredikyle's Avatar
    FYI, I called to cancel one of my XM radios this weekend and I totally got the runaround too.
    That's cause SiriusXM is hemorrhaging subscriptions due to the fact that most people don't sign up for it when the free trial runs out on their new car. SiriusXM counts every new car sold with a trial subscription as a new subscription. Nice little bit of accounting trickery.
    02-20-12 07:32 PM