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    Since about 6pm GMT my 9900 on O2-UK has been having signal issues it goes from full3G signal to SOS in the blink of an eye, my partner's Torch is showing full 3G at all times in the same location on the same network, so I thought I would update the OS as I was still using the out of the box version (never had signal issue before today!). DM pushed the official 02 OS to the phone so I accepted, towards the end a fatal error occurred whilst restoring data, the DM told me where to find the back-up it had made prior to updating and that I could restore using that... only it doesn't exist! The only back-up found is the one from my Torch from when I first got the 9900! I have now lost everything prior Dec 30th which is when Protect last backed up and I was able to restore some stuff from there. And to compound matters the signal problem isnt fixed! I currently have a GSM signal on it and it has flixcked to SOS a couple of times! So I've lost everything... for nothing!

    So after that rant I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about the sudden signal loss? If it helps if I flick the mobile network off and on again it picks ups full signal for 2 seconds before switching to SOS again.
    01-06-12 05:13 PM
  2. carullo's Avatar
    it happened to me a while back....it ended up being a faulty sim card, called my carrier replaced my sim and everything was back to normal
    01-06-12 05:47 PM
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    Would it be possible that the SIM could develop a fault? Because it has been fine until today.
    01-06-12 06:00 PM
  4. cooljatt18's Avatar
    update your OS to .598 the latest one, and you should not be having issues. the problem could be with your carrier (o2) as you have stated thast earlier you had no such issue. still best thing is to update your OS, that way you get alot better BB experience
    01-07-12 03:27 AM
  5. GreenBerry84's Avatar
    I dont know if I dare update again, I've lost a lot of stuff from the fatal error updating to .585, if I can get the PC to actually do a back up I would consider it definitely. It dont think it can be O2 unless the 9900 uses completely different frequencies than the 9800 as a 9800 right next to me now has full signal. the 9900 will have it for a couple of seconds then flick back to SOS suddenly. At the moment it says it has 3G full signal, but every time I try to call someone it fails straight away. I'm really annoyed and stumped, why the sudden issues?
    01-07-12 03:53 AM
  6. Hgouck's Avatar
    I would take it to your carrier and have them look at it. If you just got the phone within the last 6-9 months it is under warranty
    01-07-12 07:21 AM
  7. GreenBerry84's Avatar
    I might have to do that, at the moment it will hold a signal if the mobile network is set to '2G', if set to '2G&3G' it often flicks to SOS however when I was outside it held a 3G signal and I managed to call someone successfully but it wouldn't send a text until I switched it to 2G only.
    01-07-12 10:09 AM
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    Now running .585 with .540 radio file, still getting same problem indoors, its almost like when it detects 3G inside it cant cope so goes to SOS where the logical thing to do would be to use any GPRS or GSM signal it can find. Anyway I managed to get it to work on 3G outside and made a call, came back in and it still said 3G but any calls failed, then it went to SOS again, pressing alt LGLG shows an error right at the top right after this happened - http://s1124.photobucket.com/albums/..._07_191320.png
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    01-07-12 01:40 PM
  9. photoshop's Avatar
    I have been experiencing the sudden signal loss, and a refusal to re-aquire the network until the device radio is toggled off and back on again, for the last day or so.

    I have a Vodafone 9900 running .585 with the radio files from that version of the OS.

    Both bizarre and frustrating!
    01-10-12 07:06 PM
  10. andino's Avatar
    My 9930 also consistently drops to 1X when I walk indoors. So annoying. This is on .374 from Verizon.
    01-10-12 07:09 PM