06-09-11 08:04 PM
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    I'm not whining either. I just bought my phone. I am upset at the treatment of rim loyals. I also hate when people, like you, give people **** for being upset. They have a right to be and there isn't anything wrong with how they feel or what they're saying because what they are saying is true.

    Whether it's the same old rim or not, they are having troubles right now so it would behoove them to listen to peoples' "whining and complaining."
    Bottom line - I'm sick and tired of seeing thread after thread of people who are sick and tired of waiting, or ******** about features on phones that aren't even out yet, or nitpicking to death the most trivial issues on phones that are, or predicting the demise of RIM on every blessed piece of news remotely related to anything mobile. If all of you feel you have the right to complain about all of that, then ithe rest of us equally have the right to complain about all the complaining.

    I drive a 2010 MINI Cooper S, which I love, but damn, it's 4-year-old technology now. :O. The car I want, the MINI Paceman (google it), won't be out until 2013. But I want it now. So maybe I should go on the MINI forums and complain loudly and repeatedly about what horrible companies MINI and BMW are for making us wait TWO MORE YEARS for the car I want NOW. Sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it. Same freakin thing.

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    06-09-11 08:32 AM
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    Wow... I am reading so many Treads on BB 9900/9930 when the phones are not even released yet. This include me too Anyway, I find it funny that we all post stuff on this new item that not even for sale at the the first place.

    06-09-11 12:53 PM
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    Has anyone bothered to look through FCC docs? Maybe some of your questions will be answered there. However the chances of any of that info being released now is slim to none.

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    06-09-11 03:41 PM
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    Hey Gregg,

    Might be a dumb questions but I figured I would ask, do people at RIM hear the bitches and complaints from places like this or other forums?
    YES. There are employees at RIM who not only track this forum but others as well. For some it is part of their job at RIM, for others it is just a curiosity.
    06-09-11 04:49 PM
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    I got tired too. My Bold 9650 kept freezing up and texting was slow and giving errors a lot. I would have liked to stay with Blackberry but there is nothing new to get, so I got the iPhone. I don't care for Android devices so really there was no other choice on Verizon. I didn't really want an onscreen keyboard, but Verizon only offers a few smartphones that have them anyway. I have adjusted better than I thought and now my Dish Remote Access Sling app works. I never could use it on my Blackberry. I really wish the 9930 would've been available, but I couldn't wait especially when there is no definite release date.
    06-09-11 08:04 PM
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