1. skunkd's Avatar
    What the **** is RIM waiting for... this phone isn't even that big of an upgrade when you really think about it but damn does rim drag their releases way past the point of keeping them current
    02-28-11 09:47 AM
  2. barrist's Avatar
    We're all anxious for the phone to come out but was there really a need to create another thread asking for it to be out sooner? There's a 16 page one just below asking "where is the dakota/magnum?"
    02-28-11 09:58 AM
  3. selecaoquinas's Avatar
    I ended up getting an iPhone because verizon/rim has not released anything new, and i refuse to pay 100 dollars when my bold broke to get another BOLD! RIM FTL!! I hate this iphone, no ring profiles, no multiple signitures (without an App)......WTF?
    02-28-11 09:59 AM
  4. skunkd's Avatar
    yea it sucks... I dont do touchscreen and I definitely don't do apple. I feel sorry for you.

    Yes this thread was necessary. RIM needs to step up their damn game for all of us its just rediculous that we live in 2011 and are running on bs hardware from 2006.
    02-28-11 10:10 AM
  5. barrist's Avatar
    ohhhhh okay!
    02-28-11 10:13 AM
  6. grover5's Avatar
    It is ridiculous (correct spelling) to exaggerate your point so much. Your argument has now lost all validity.

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    02-28-11 10:20 AM
  7. dooodads's Avatar
    RIM being late on something, news at 11.
    02-28-11 10:43 AM
  8. Pete6's Avatar
    The lack of basic self discipline in these forums astounds me at times.

    This phone should be available, because I want one. Grow up!

    How on earth can anyone but the company making the device decide when the device is ready (design, testing, worldwide manufacture, carrier approval, parts supplied to several locations, staffing for manufacture, software, packaging, distribution).

    The device will be released when all all (and more) the above are in place and RIM's marketing department have made their decisions.

    It certainly wont happen by raving about and bad spelling in a CrackBerry thread.
    02-28-11 04:46 PM
  9. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Total waste of server space. RIM will releaae phones when they feel ready. Not on someone's childish rantings. ?
    02-28-11 09:21 PM