11-07-11 01:56 PM
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  1. papped's Avatar
    Just transfer minimal data over with BB Protect.

    Do not do a device switch from an older OS...
    09-16-11 03:10 PM
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    So now my 9900 boots up and gives me the sign in page for blackberry user I'd (I moved my sim card back to my 9700 to call att and update my pin on file and update my bis acct online). And so I enter my info but it won't go past the "please wait" dialogue box after I click sign in. The only to get out of it is a battery pull but then it boots right back into it. I tried signing in with my sim card and not in. Same problem! I know my passwords right.. Is it because my 9700 is signed into my bb user I'd right now or something?? Help! I wanna get my 9900 operational!

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    09-16-11 05:13 PM
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    Hook it up to wifi and try again. Maybe your network is having issues and not sending the login through.
    09-16-11 05:14 PM
  4. austriker's Avatar
    That's the thing this screen is the first thing that pops up so I can't change what its connected to. I guess ill "sign out" and thus do an erase and start over again..

    Its saying I'm using a new sim card, whether I have one in it or not.. And its the same sim card I've used with my other bb before and I did have my sim card in the 9900 a bit earlier and it was fine

    As far as updating my pin with bb user I'd and att: when should I do that in this process? Cu it appears now my 9700's bis email is not registered.. Guess I'm kinda confused, being new relatively new to b!, about all the registartations and such

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    09-16-11 05:20 PM
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    So I did the wipe and restart and it worked.. Now I guess I call att and give them my updated pin.

    Do I need to update my pin anywhere on my bb user I'd?


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    09-16-11 07:08 PM
  6. CMHberry's Avatar
    Don't try this at home kids! I backed up both devices first (probably the only correct thing I did) then just went for the DM switch, 4.5 straight to 7.0! Reckless, yes, but the only real problem I had was QuickLaunch. Luckily CheetahAce was forgiving and got me straightened out. I also had to delete the extra 2.0 CODs of Docs-2-go (still running 2.0 PDF to go though). Bummer that some apps didn't work, like Pandora (got new loaded now), but most productivity apps work just fine still such as AddTo, berrypopup, the old filescout ver 1.4.1, missed call alert, premium asst, and Role Call Tasks. I've since upgraded OTA wherever I could which is most of my software since all I had was OS4.5 while everyone else was enjoying 5.0 then 6.0 then 6.1...
    I did run into something weird, Vlingo works but you have to assign it to the only convenience key now on 9930 and when I hold it in, vlingo operates, but the Quicklaunch menu comes up too . The right key multi-click options continue to work though the spacebar multi-click is not working for me even with the alternate options. Anyway, with the device switch, nothing serious happened to my phone. Well, I got a few more older productivity apps I deleted that I'm going to put back on like message scheduler so wish me luck! Bottom line, the difference between 8330 and 9930 is 1600. Hah!
    09-16-11 10:09 PM
  7. CTthatdude's Avatar
    I did a back up & restore, didn't even question it for a minute. Works flawlessly since the day I got it...
    09-17-11 06:40 AM
  8. smrdroid's Avatar
    I am confused about the difference between Device Switch and Backup and Restore.
    I have a 9930 that is bricked, after working fine for about 3 weeks after an upgrade from my 9650. Verizon is giving me a new phone.
    I want to keep my old email, contacts and calendar info. I am willing to add all new, fresh OS 7 apps.
    So, how do I do a limited backup and restore vs a complete transfer of data?

    11-07-11 01:56 PM
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