12-21-11 09:42 AM
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  1. EvilmasterMMA's Avatar
    Wow...0.01% discharge rate!
    12-17-11 04:07 PM
  2. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Wait, I thought lazerus was a dude....???

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    12-17-11 04:09 PM
  3. otacon#AC's Avatar
    ..pretty easy to tell the ages of the people in this thread.
    12-17-11 04:41 PM
  4. theonecid's Avatar
    Wait, I thought lazerus was a dude....???

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    Correction, he's a cross dresser
    12-20-11 07:18 PM
  5. azie's Avatar
    wow, no discharge for my phone =))
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    12-21-11 01:55 AM
  6. cods_wallop's Avatar
    I don't think an entire nuclear power plant could keep this phone charged for a whole day.
    12-21-11 03:11 AM
  7. qbnkelt's Avatar
    It's true.
    I took my Bold off the charger at noon on January 15th 1926 and it's still got 55% battery life.
    I absolutely believe the OP. Read the OP's post history. The OP has never engaged in hyperbole.
    12-21-11 04:44 AM
  8. clem1604's Avatar
    I never quite understand the fuss about the battery life! yes compare to 9700 or 9780, it's worse, but a lot of the factor is to do with OS7 and apps. I had my phone for 2 months now, and it's actually improved a lot. I am not a big user, e.g. today it off charge at 7am been writing and reading about 8 emails and 5 to 8 whats app message, browse the web about 10 mins using opera mini, and app world about 5 mins, facebook and beweather running. now it's 12:30 and it say 90% battery.
    I installed an app once 'lovefilm', and the battery go from 100% to 35% within 4 hrs with normal usage, deleted and all is well again. btw am on .540, it's all to do with what apps are installed and what are they doing in the background without you noticing.
    12-21-11 06:39 AM
  9. emirozmen's Avatar
    Lazerus if you just have posted some photos this argument would have been over, wouldnt it?
    12-21-11 07:27 AM
  10. snihed's Avatar
    i could attest to this extended battery life but i did it when i changed my wallpaper to the cover of 'bieber fever' and my ringtone is lady gaga's 'born this way'. 97% on its 4th day and the ringtone's been playing all the time. i think i'm losing my mind, this is unbelievable!
    12-21-11 08:42 AM
  11. jonduran86's Avatar
    Lazerus still trolling the forums?
    12-21-11 09:42 AM
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