1. JeePak's Avatar
    I recently downloaded the leaked OS and have received this error about 15 times while trying to send a text, and who knows how many texts I haven't received.

    Does anyone else have this problem that is NOT using the new leaked OS?
    01-21-12 09:23 AM
  2. lector's Avatar
    sounds like a carrier problem. you cold try to resend service books do a battery pull and retry sending the text
    01-21-12 08:36 PM
  3. balenax's Avatar
    This happened to me yesterday, after trying to send a very long text. The strange thing was that i kept receiving sms's. I did a battery pull and everything went back to normal.
    I am on .205 now, but it happened a couple of times before, on different os versions. Probably has something to do with the network, maybe some temp congestion, I don't really know.
    PS : I kept receiving texts before i did the battery pull, so it only stops sending messages.
    01-22-12 12:28 AM