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    I go in spurts where I made inadvertent calls on my 9930. The most frequent time is when I'm pressing the "Call End" button and manage to touch "Add Participant" on the screen.

    I recalled seeing an app that when one initiates a call, it causes a confirmation dialog to appear. A search of BB App World turned up some possibilities, including these:

    Confirm Your Call - Prevents Unwanted Outgoing Calls by Simply Apps
    Observation: Does not show the number dialed. Like option of slide or button confirmation. Still at Version 1.0 and 563k.

    Call Confirm by Newgen Graphics
    Observation: Looks straightforward. Version 1.3 and 177k.

    Call Confirm Pro by SKYANT
    Observation: Still at Version 1.0 but only 20k.

    Call Confirm Plus - Prevents Unwanted Outgoing Calls by VIXSO
    Observation: No screen shot. Version 2.0.1 and 32k.

    Memory is not really an issue, however stability and reliability is a prime consideration as my 9930 has been absolutely rock solid and do not want to affect that.

    Does anyone have experience with these or could perhaps offer another choice?

    Thanks in advance for your input.
    08-09-12 01:57 AM