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    RIMMS stock price has taken a huge hit because lack of new phones not hitting the market on time.

    This phone wont be coming out til august.

    Research In Motion on Thursday reported earnings for the first quarter of fiscal 2012. After cutting its first-quarter outlook at the end of April, RIMs May quarter came in below analyst estimates. First quarter revenue came in at $4.9 billion versus the Streets estimate of $5.5 billion, and device shipments totalled 13.2 million versus expectations of 13.5 million. Net income for the quarter was $695 million, down from $769 million in the same quarter a year earlier. Earnings per share in the first quarter beat estimates by a penny at $1.33. RIMs revenue for the quarter breaks down as 78% hardware, 20% service, and 2% software and other revenue. In the second quarter, RIM trimmed its outlook to $4.2-$4.5 billion in revenue, significantly under the Streets consensus of $5.46 billion. RIMs second-quarter EPS forecast is just $0.75-$1.05 versus $1.40 consensus. For the full year, RIM cut its EPS outlook from $7.50 to between $5.25 and $6 per share. Fiscal 2012 has gotten off to a challenging start, RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie said in a statement. The slowdown we saw in the first quarter is continuing into Q2, and delays in new product introductions into the very late part of August is leading to a lower than expected outlook in the second quarter. RIM also said it would soon begin a program to streamline operations that will involve job cuts. Shares of RIM stock opened down 15% in after-hours trading. RIMs full press release
    follows below.

    RIM reports Q1 earnings: misses analyst estimates, Q2 outlook misses, layoffs coming
    06-16-11 09:11 PM
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    That really worries me with RIMM, It's taking them longer and longer to come out with new handsets in time where the market is very very competitive.

    06-16-11 09:14 PM
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    I really hope that RIM won't go under because I love RIM BlackBerry phones so much, will go crazy with touch keyboard phones for sure.

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    06-16-11 09:49 PM
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    I think RIM underestimated the impact IOS and Android would have on the market when they were laying out their future plans a couple of years ago. I'm sure they didnt foresee front facing cameras and phones with 1 ghz processors hitting the market so soon. Now they are having to play catch up. I just hope they start leading the industry again with the introduction of QNX in their phones.
    06-16-11 10:14 PM
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    don't think RIM will go under, they still have a loyal fan base and niche enterprise market where their offering is still unmatched. but if they don't catch up on broader consumer front, they will be in trouble down the road. I like Blackberry and I hope RIM will emerge from current set back to become a stronger and customer centric company. all the bashing it gets in stock price, reviews, and on media could be a blessing in disguise, who know., are we going to see a refresh and resurging RIM years down the road?

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    06-16-11 10:21 PM
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    RIM knew what they were up against in terms of iOS. But they didn't anticipate Android to do so well so soon. Not even Apple themselves knew Android would be the best selling OS in North America. The difference is, Android are sold by many manufacturers. Whereas RIM is just Blackberry and Apple just have the iPhone. I knew Android was going to outsell everyone, but didn't expect it to be so soon. I think RIM is going to be fine. Motorola was in serious trouble and look at them now. Sony Ericsson I think will seperate. RIM have their loyal customers. I don't need the 9900 to do what the iPhone4 can do otherwise I would be using my iPhone4 as my main device. RIM needs to release their devices sooner rather than later. RIM should put everyone in their cellular devision and forget the Playbook for now. Just my 2 cents.
    06-16-11 10:31 PM
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    As we sat in the the Research In Motion First Quarter Fiscal 2012 earnings call today, Mike Lazaridis took the time today to address the concerns surrounding delays with new BlackBerry smartphones. Some of the highlights from that call can be found below:

    RIM realized through their product development that consumer demand had shifted, and as such -- required new hardware and new chip sets to be adapted to the BlackBerry platform in order to stay competitive.

    With the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook, RIM put resources forward to that launch and working on the QNX OS -- given the time frames needed, if QNX was to be ported to BlackBerry Smartphones it would have left RIM with no smartphone lineup for all of 2011.

    Technical carrier acceptance was an issue at the time, and things have moved slowly in that area. Once one device meets carrier requirements -- all devices running the same OS (BlackBerry 7) should see rapid acceptance and ultimately release.

    Looking at the information provided on the call, RIM was deep into their development cycle but then realized the shift in the smartphone market and as such, needed to adjust their upcoming line-up. This took time, which in turn also took more time to due the need of meeting carrier demands as well. But, the devices are coming and once they start rolling out, they will all be rolled out together rather then a staggered release.

    RIMM has some very serious managment issues, They know the demand of smart phones is just off the charts. They also see all these other companies taking away there share in the market.

    I am still with RIMM for 2 reasons, BBM and emial.
    06-17-11 08:48 AM
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    Yeah I sure hope they do not go under either after all of this. But I do think some people higher up will be packing up their desks after all these issues they have had this year. I am not sure what the problems are but I sure hope that this was not the plan from the get go. I also hope that it was the PlayBook that threw everything off and they learned from those mistakes.

    RIM you got money here sitting in my pocket, release this phone so you can take it. I really do love their devices so I hope that they pull though this and have a much more solid 2012 year. All I can say is, I am happy I own their device and not their stock right now.
    06-17-11 10:13 PM