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    I wanted to know if I'm the only one getting this on my BB.
    When I enter a number the line showing the key-press is covered with lines and stops respondind.
    It happen also when I try to write somthing in the search and then switching language in the middle.
    I am on 474 on my 9900.


    edit: just found out that this only happens when my keyboard is in hebrew mode.any suggestions?
    this sucks i dont wanna switch language every time i need to enter a number >-|

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    11-13-11 01:20 AM
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    no one here uses another language on the BB besides english?
    11-13-11 08:13 AM
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    can anyone please check if when they enter numbers to dial while BB on language!=english ???
    11-15-11 03:23 AM
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    Update: found out that this only occours when in keyboard is on hebrew
    And the phOne number contains another zero besides the first one
    For e.g. 0520XXXXX
    This is when the search box becomes inresponsive and the lines appears over it.

    Could someone with a keyboard language other than english please test this..
    It only takes a second..come on people...

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    11-15-11 03:41 PM
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    this community SUCKS!!!!

    ive had an iphone and a galaxy s2 and on both devices comnunities ive never stumbled uppon such non responsiveness
    11-16-11 03:34 AM
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    wow still no answer?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11-18-11 01:33 AM