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    I purchased a 9900 from AT&T about two weeks ago and it has been great until just today. I have a 16GB SD card that I have been using for some time and it worked flawlessly in my 9800 and the 9900 until today. The card was getting full so I plugged the phone into my computer so that I could clean off some files faster, deleted some files, and now the phone does not read the card. I never removed the card during this process; I only deleted photos and videos. I then loaded some new videos onto it and those all showed up fine (and play) from Windows Explorer. However, when I try to view the files from my phone, they do not show up. When I try to take a video and force it to save to the card, it shows the card as full. I have tried taking a picture and then view the photo, but it is not there. I have tried pulling the battery, pulling the battery and removing the card and then putting it all back in but nothing seems to help. I have also tried a battery pull without the card, put the card back in with a battery pull and still nothing. Under Options, Device, Storage, it shows the card in its previous, un-cleaned state. That is, it shows it as having only 1GB free when in fact it now has about 8GB free. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

    11-14-11 07:45 PM
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    Copy everything from the card to a computer. Then format the card. And then copy the data back to the card.
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    11-14-11 07:52 PM
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    Well, after I let the phone sit for a while, it read the card and I was able to see the files on it. However, even though my computer indicates the card is 50% full (8 of 16GB), my phone still thinks it is full and will not let me take pictures or video. Further, I put in a different card (4GB) and the phone read it fine and indcated lots of free space. Perhaps there is something wrong with the card. I will continue to trouble shoot and post my results here but let me know if anyone else has more suggestions.

    BTW: I have not tried formatting the card yet but will.


    11-15-11 11:22 AM
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    I agree with SwitchBeach. My new 16GB card was acting wonky, so I removed it from the BB and put it into an adapter, plugged into my computer and did a slow format of the thing (uncheck the "Quick Format" option in Windows).

    It's worked like a charm ever since.
    11-15-11 12:28 PM