1. Smartie020's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    just have a question. Almost every time when I sync my BB with DM there is a problem. When the sync finishes the card has a wrong format and the phone ask me to format the media card (I cannot repair the media with my Mac either cause after the sync my Mac doest recognize the media card); that means everything on the card is gone! Again, and again and again. That is sooooooooo annoying.
    Do you guys think there is a problem with my media card?

    01-19-12 10:40 AM
  2. deejayburnout's Avatar
    Might be.

    I have never came across this myself.

    Have you tried to format it on a PC?

    Do you have another SD card that you could use to see if you still get the fault. If you cannot repeat it with another card then I would say your card is kaput.

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    01-19-12 10:47 AM
  3. Smartie020's Avatar
    No, unfortunately I dont have second one. The PC doest recognize the card either, and I dont think Windows is better in formatting a sd card than a OSX.....
    01-19-12 03:03 PM
  4. deejayburnout's Avatar
    Maybe you could borrow one from a friend and try.

    Only other thing that I can think off.

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    01-19-12 03:19 PM
  5. lector's Avatar
    if you can't format it on a computer your memory card is dead
    01-21-12 08:42 PM
  6. Smartie020's Avatar
    Something new occurred today,

    I wanted to sync my BB with the DM. While syncing the phone or rather the sd card it was automatically disconnected. So, I gave it another try and synced it again, the same wired thing happened (this has never happened before). I dont think its the fault of DM cause when I just connect my berry to my Mac and I transfer some data from my sd card to my mac the same happens and an error message of the mac saying something like some data is not readable (think it was error 306, cant remember exactly which error it was).

    01-22-12 11:34 AM
  7. mysticmeg's Avatar
    Chuck it in the bin mate (the memory card). Its a goner!

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    01-22-12 01:12 PM