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    Spoke with Rogers Tech Support about battery issues and they said they "just" got a memo stating JM1 batteries were faulty and that RIM has supplied them with new batteries that are not JM1 (didn't know what model they were) to send out to customers with battery issuses. Still awaiting it so let's see if this is true or not......
    10-10-11 09:27 AM
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    Right - I will believe it when I see it...and at that, I'll be skeptical.
    10-10-11 09:56 AM
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    Still awaiting it so let's see if this is true or not......
    We can save you the wait... it's not true

    Remember the golden rule - CS reps know nothing

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    10-10-11 10:07 AM
  4. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Approx. 3% of the batteries produced by LG failed, the devices effected were taken out of stock and never reached customers. The CS rep was right, in a way -- just twisted the facts or failed to read the info right from the start.
    10-10-11 01:15 PM
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    Those who claimed that Rogers admit such fault, I would like to see a written official statement from Roger claiming that such fault exist and that Rogers is doing an exchange or recall on it.

    Personally, tech support people do spread a lot of wrong info. They hear their supervisor say A and they tell the world ABCDEFG trying to prove to the world they know it all.

    - Charles
    10-11-11 11:30 AM
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    It's been sated several times in various battery threads: There is no JM1 recall. There was a small batch of batteries for the 99xx & 9860 (less than 3% as Bla1ze mentioned) that were effected. These batteries are not able to charge and show a red X in the battery icon and were shipped prior to Sept 18th.

    The faulty batteries are being replaced with with the same type (JM1)!

    @Chaddus, all carriers (Canadian at least) carrying the 99xx or 9860 have a memo from RIM detailing the defective battery and the return policy.
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    10-11-11 12:45 PM