1. pokey1800's Avatar
    I keep having my 9900 replaced by Rogers due to connection issues. I see full signal strength but yet people get my voicemail when they call me, often. I googled it and found that other people on Rogers are experiencing the same and came to the conclusion that its a Rogers issue with the 9900. Has anyone on here experienced this?
    10-20-11 06:16 AM
  2. canusaybimmy's Avatar
    Found the reception on my 9900 isn't as good as my 9800 and 9700s that I had in previously. Especially in places like my basement, where reception wasn't great, I find myself walking around trying to find the best place to talk. With my other phones this wasn't the case.

    I noticed the 9900 drops from hspa to edge etc quite a bit. I was hoping this would be solved in a leaked OS. Still on the stock OS for the time being.
    10-20-11 08:12 AM
  3. wordy's Avatar
    I've had quite the opposite experience, but I'm coming from an older phone (9000). Comparing similar locations, the 9000 would drop to EDGE far more frequently than the 9900 does.

    A lot of these sort of problems (i.e. straight to VM) are due to momentary coverage drops or just plain old dead zones. Unless it is happening in a wide variety of places, I'd be more inclined to attribute it to network coverage rather than the phone itself.
    10-20-11 08:29 AM
  4. pokey1800's Avatar
    It is occurring in all different locations.
    10-20-11 08:50 AM
  5. mssca's Avatar
    I get a SIM error once every day or two and every time I reboot my phone. I called Telus and they told me that it is caused by their new HSPA network. But I think the rep know nothing about this because my mom's 9780 also on the same network and has no issues what so ever!
    10-20-11 09:04 AM
  6. Fnord's Avatar
    I've had that problem on other devices, not on my 9900.

    I'd say that it's a Rogers issue, not a phone hardware related. No point exchanging phones over it.
    10-20-11 09:31 AM
  7. Namueab's Avatar
    I have signal issues as well with my Rogers 9900 on Rogers. I'll show full bars one minute, look at the phone again (in the exact same spot) and it'll be down to 1 bar. Happens everywhere I am, and not just one location.
    I blame Rogers!!
    10-20-11 10:34 AM
  8. knowledge_6's Avatar
    yah i get that too .. all of a sudden i'll get a text saying i have Vmail... when i was outside the whole time with full bars....

    it happens to my friends with other devices (i.e iphones, androids and other BB's).

    the other day i was driving in my car pool just after the outages came back and bbm stopped working again and my goole maps stopped working... i was like not again!! but the guy beside me had an iphone 4 and he couldn't pull up his google maps either or browse...
    10-20-11 11:06 AM