06-22-11 10:22 AM
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    Well it used to be called "Rogers AT&T". I think AT&T had an investment stake in Rogers or something like that before Rogers bought it out.

    It was AT&T Canada long distance that bought a part of Rogers. Rogers needed AT&T's help for long distance services. They had a falling out and Rogers bought back their shares. This was when Rogers Wireless was called "Cantel".
    06-15-11 11:23 PM
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    i played around with a 9900 and its smooth as silk...not buggy at all..i also played with the torch 2 and its just as smooth...i know a rim employee...
    06-16-11 08:11 PM
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    a leaked build was posted on crackberry so we definitely know carriers are testing it now
    06-22-11 03:48 AM
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    AT&T = Rogers (biggest, GSM)
    Verizon = Bell (Biggest CDMA)
    Sprint/TMob = Telus (third)
    Just to let you know.... Bell and Telus use the same GSM network infrastructure now. All three, Rogers, Telus and Bell will get GSM version(9900) because they will not support CDMA in 2012 and already taking out all of their CDMA systems.

    Bell and Telus GSM coverage maps are perfectly identical for a reason... they both use the same network and same towers and drum antennas to transmit the single.

    Also it is a MYTH that Rogers has the largest network. Bell and Telus have the largest, but they still use CDMA on many rural areas(as of today). Rogers has the largest GSM network, however, by near future Telus+Bell combined agreement on sharing their system will provide better coverage than Rogers for sure.

    My dad is a network engineer. No please don't ask me... I have no idea on the exact release date for 9900. I work at BestBuy part time and I found BestBuy Mobile management is more reliable on release dates than my dad. LOL
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    06-22-11 09:36 AM
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    Bell and Telus also have it out in the field.

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    06-22-11 10:14 AM
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    Are you just making stuff up now?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    It was speculated for a while that the 9790 would be the follow-up to the 9780. See http://crackberry.com/blackberry-bol...-photos-emerge for an overview.

    Latest guess is that this may have been a prototype, and died on the vine with the 9900 design superseding it.
    06-22-11 10:22 AM
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