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    I've been having this issue with my bold 9900, where sometimes when I recieve a text, email, or facebook alert I'll hit the "call end" button or the top "lock screen" button to shut off the ringtone but it won't stop ringing. I've notice this happens almost 100% of the time if I'm texting or on bbm.. anyone else experiecing this problem with not being able to shut off a ringtone alert?
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    if you go under the litttle icon (speaker icon) on the leftwhen highlightedselect with the touch-pad scroll down to change alerts and sounds.
    Select Sounds for Selected Profile>> select accordingly: Phone/ Messages-Notifiers/ Instant Messages/ Events-Reminders/ Other Applications
    Depending on what you select adjust properly...
    Save>> Exit..
    then try ...
    03-07-12 03:53 AM