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    I also have no real issues with battery life. I reveive several emails and texts, stream some music from BBM music and am usually at work for 10-12 hrs a day.

    Everyone cried for more performance, a faster processor, better graphics, a touch display, etc.. and expect this phone to get the same battery life as their old BB 5 phones. Does anyone think an Iphone has much better battery life, because it doesn't! More performance means more battery drain......period. Deal with it or go back to your BB 5 phones and see what you prefer.
    So in that aspect you are saying as cars improved over the years we should have expected to be getting less and less miles per gallon and be happy with it. Wow, pretty Camaro, too bad I can only get 20 miles out of a tank. Get real, technology improves so that the product can be utilized as it should. It's a poor power controller design and a smaller battery than should have been spec'd in an effort to make a pretty phone.

    Deal with it? Why not point it out on the forums as a singular issue which is largely shared across a large percentage of users. Thorsten Heins (and hopefully a few other RIM employees) may be cruising Crackberry on sleepless nights and perhaps keep this in mind for the next go round.

    I's a stellar phone just wis I didn't have to fret if it will still work towards the end of the day. In addition to the battery (which I highly doubt will change much on the replacement but heck, let's give it a try) I found that my headset jack would emit sound on one side on anything other than the OEM headphone/mic). Will have a new 9900 here for round 2 in a few days.
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    According to you. Mine is more than adequate. With luck your next phone will be glitch free.
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    According to you. Mine is more than adequate. With luck your next phone will be glitch free.
    Yes, you, Albee, and about 6 others on here have noted great battery life...hours and hours of talking, streaming music, texting, and emailing, 30 plus hours etc. To expand my reference I do have a pretty decent background in semiconductors in design and selling, not so much in firmware but understand the basics. I fail to see how one phone can die so quickly if manufactured adequately but other 9900's have a miraculous manner for marathon use based on the same hardware and from what I understand from a few members very close if not the the same apps and build running. It really doesn't add up unless there is a component issue.

    Again, from my first post I do have a grounded concept of how Blackberry's perform and this is not up to snuff which is why I started this post. I must have that special 9900. I guess I missed the battery threads in the 9900 forums praising and expounding the longevity of the battery. Well, actually there is one thread by dd0101 which does note this. Perhaps the many others who have posted special techniques to try charge the battery, recommended carrying extra batteries, searched and tried extended batteries, turned down the screen brightness to the "I can't see a dang thing setting", removed all apps on a "smart phone, and generally bemoaned the inability of the 9900 to last 8 hours are just trying to boost their post count and are killing time in between Parks and Recreation episodes.

    Okay, sarcasm aside, maybe a better idea than singling people out or before we pummel this point into oblivion would be to get a poll going if there hasn't been one already. Might give a better perspective on how widespread the issue is if one exists. Granted forums are a place where many folks come to ask for help or research problems so it might be skewed but it would be interesting to see the results. If there is already a poll I would be happy to vote or perhaps someone can start one up as that is beyond me. Cheers.
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    I like my 9930....in fact, I just reactivated it again after using both the iPhone 4 and the new Razr Maxx. I missed the BB functionality and keyboard. This said, my only real complaint is battery life. If RIM was actually thinking about their core customer base - business and power users - they would have understood that long battery life is among our most important concerns (the others being reception, call quality, and build quality) and equipped the device with the appropriate level of battery power. Sure, some folks say they manage just fine, but who wouldn't want to last and last? If the 9900/9930 series were a couple of MM thicker, but had a 2500-3500 mah battery, it would be virtually perfect (ok, no more bricking would also be nice). We've recently seen that a large battery pack can be fit into a relatively thin device in the Motorola Razr Maxx, so it's not exactly impossible to do.

    These manufacturers need to get past this concept of "thin to win" and start thinking practically! It is my opinion that we've crossed the line where form negates function.........but that's true about many things these days.....including politics, but I won't get started on that one
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